About Us

Our club was founded by David and May Hook. We've been running since 2013 and are supported by a wonderful parent committee too!

David and Mayheur Hook had a vision to share their experience in Artistic Roller Skating and at the beginning of 2013 and began coaching children here in Rotorua. They were both passionate about artistic roller skating and about giving the opportunity to others to learn and enjoy skating as they have.

Our club is supported by our parent committee and we are always looking for other parents to help out and join us.

The club plays a vital role in supporting skaters, liaising with the National Body of Roller Sports, NZFRS, organising uniforms, running practice times, fun events, shows, mini squads, competition opportunities and some competition funding, promoting the sport of artistic roller skating, and generally providing support to skaters within the club.


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Please fill out the form and we will be in touch when a space is available. Sorry, we don’t offer adult classes at this time.
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